Paul, Women, and the Ephesian Church

Here’s an excellent resource to better understand what Paul really meant regarding women in Ephesians 5 and 1 Timothy 2:8-15. It’s a must-read article in order to understand the unique challenges that the church in Ephesus faced. These challenges prompted Paul to write specific instructions in order to resolve the problems in the Ephesian church at the time.

Paul, Women, and The Ephesian Church – PDF File

“Women can have a good life and hope for eternal salvation without getting involved in power struggles. They can reach the same spiritual heights as men without renouncing their womanhood. What sounds so negative in the ears of many now would have sounded positive in the ears of those who heard the message in a different world from ours.” A. Van der Jagt

“It is clear that he was addressing a current concern that Timothy and the Christians in Ephesus would have readily understood. Furthermore, to take as eternally normative the limited prohibition of women’s
teaching (v. 12) when in other passages Paul clearly approves female participation in teaching, praying, and prophesying — does violence to the hermeneutical principle of the unity of Scripture.”


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