It can be holy not to go to church

Not going to”church” is not necessarily a sin. I disagree with those who will try to make you feel sinful because you dont attend a “church” or arent a member of a congregation. I refuse to let anyone put you down as a sinner just because you dont have a church to go to.

The truth is that there are many cults today that are not true churches of Jesus. These cults force people to donate large amounts of money by using the Old Testament tithing argument which doesnt apply to God’s people today. These cults spiritually abuse their members using authoritarianism to attempt to control every aspect of the lives of their members. They even using fear tactics to get people to obey the leadership group, such as telling people that God will curse them if they don’t do what a leader says.

One of Jesus’ greatest warnings to his people was about being on guard for false teachers. Believers are meant to be testers. The Bereans were commended for examining the Scriptures daily to see if the things told to them were actually true. Jesus told his disciples to be shrewd as serpents because the serpent himself has his own synagogues where desires for money, control, and fame rule over any desires for the true God.

When you’re surrounded by these types of religious institutions that are cults rather than churches, its only normal that a true child of God is not attending them because they are corrupt and are leading people astray. To join them would mean compromising and trading the truth for a lie. When these are the types of institutions called “church” in your area, staying away from them will actually be part of walking by the Spirit. In situations like this, the wisest thing to do is not to go to church, but to remain intimate with God and to seek His leadership for guidance.

What was the name of the church that Jesus attended? What was the name of the church that James, Peter, John or Paul attended? They met in each others homes. For many, the Americanized concept of church, with its large building, a worship band opening the services, and pulpits for preaching, has become an idol. If they don’t have a worship band or a pulpit or a preacher, they can’t have “church”. What are they really trying to have, a true experience with God or the comfort that is found in continuing human tradition? 

Jesus was a carpenter and yet he didn’t build a physical building for his church. Jesus didn’t look for a building to attend on Sunday mornings, he woke up early and went out in the quietness of nature to spend intimate time with the Father. God does not dwell in houses or religions or buildings built with human hands. He dwells with those who desire to dwell with Him, wherever they are, and whenever they seek Him.

In the Bible, the last days are described as days that are abounding in false teachings and false teachers. If you’re surrounded by so-called “churches” that are instead operating as cults full of false, abusive, and fraudulent practices, one of the holiest things you can do is not to go to “church”.


3 thoughts on “It can be holy not to go to church

  1. Jesus may have attended synagogue on the day of the Sabbath. Point aside, almost every Christian radio station I listen or Christian programmes I watch or prayer services I attend, talk about money.

    “Jesus was a carpenter and yet he didn’t build a physical building for his church”.
    Well, theological arguments or interpretations aside, I have yet to see any church that worships God in Spirit and in Truth without any mention of love offering or donations.

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