New Testament proof verses for Tithing

There are none. There is not one verse in the New Testament where Gentile converts were told to pay the tithe, or 10 percent of their income, to anyone.

How is it possible for leaders to tell believers under the New Covenant that they must give a tenth when the Bible tells us to invest our all, not simply money, (Rom. 12:1), to a priesthood that is made up of every single believing one of us (I Peter 2:9), at a temple that does not exist (Mat. 24:1-2), because we’ve become the temple where God dwells. Part of giving to the priesthood is making sure that the royal priests, you and I, have the proper finances we need to live an abundant life of testimony on earth, rather than one of struggling finances because of forceful giving. How often do we hear that preached from pulpits?

And in this new temple that we have become, no longer do we find priests with weaknesses and problems interceding for us, instead we find Christ Jesus as our perfect intercessor and High Priest seated at the right hand of the Majesty in the heavens (Heb. 7:28-8:1).


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