How to detect financial corruption in a church

1. The leader prayed for a miracle for you and it happened. The leader now requests you to make a donation for the miracle you received.

2. You are told that If you do not give financially, you will be under a financial curse where you will not be able to prosper, and things will happen to make you lose your money.

3. You are told to give to help expand the kingdom of God but you do not see the money producing any real tangible results around you for a while now.

4. You give and give but there are never any financial statements made visible to you to show you where your donations are going.

5. The leader(s) seem to be the only ones in the church who are really prospering financially.

6. Your leader asks you to disclose your work salary to him/her.

7. You are told that you must give above 10% on your gross income in order to break the curse of the law, because you are not under the old testament anymore but under grace which is more abundant.

8. You are told to give over 10% of every type of income you get, birthday money, presents, etc

9. The leader receives a salary from church member donations but has others in the church do leadership functions for him/her without financial compensation.

10. You barely have enough money to feed yourself and your family but your leader tells you that you must donate to break the curse. The leader may also tell you to borrow money so that you can donate and break the curse.


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